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@@ -7,59 +7,70 @@ mkdir eagle
cp ../gdc/sep18/* eagle
mkdir cvt
+Some of the following interactions are timestamped, to indicate roughly
+when to expect interactions. The timestamps are [minutes:seconds] of
+total CPU time of the "eagle" process on a Q6600.
+Note: it is best not type anything else during the conversion, especially
+around the time when new dialogs may pop up. The Eagle pop-ups will appear
+unannounced and grab the input focus. Keystrokes will therefore end up in
+Eagle dialogs, changing inputs.
- open schematics in Eagle
-run ULP (renumber-sheet.ulp)
+File > Run ULP (.../eagle-to-kicad/renumber-sheet.ulp)
- set script path to .../eagle-to-kicad/
-- set output directory
+- set output directory (.../cvt/)
-"This ULP will change unconnected VIA's to PADS"
+[10:54] "This ULP will change unconnected VIA's to PADS"
- accept defaults
-"Consult lot file for unncontded via's and tracks"
+[11:01] "Consult log file for unncontded via's and tracks"
- 1469 unconnected tracks
- 6 unconnected vias
- accept
-/home/n9/ee/cvt/modified_eagle_files/GTA04b7~fix_via_hack.scr, Line 85:
+[11:01] /home/n9/ee/cvt/modified_eagle_files/GTA04b7~fix_via_hack.scr, Line 85:
The Light edition of EAGLE can't perform the requested action!
You can't add parts to this sheet.
- accept
- idem, lines 89, 93, 97, 101, 105. accept.
-Unknown element VP_0
+[11:04] Unknown element VP_0
line 11889
- accept
- idem, VP_1, VP_2, VP_3, VP_4, VP_5. accept.
-Large dialog
+[11:10] Large dialog
- Output: set all sheet sizes to A3
- Combine All libs in One: off
- Sheet size: set to A3
- accept
-Library dialog
-- Accept
+[32:11] Library dialog
+- Accept (note: dialog stays open after clicking "OK")
-"There were Errors during the export please read the log for more information"
+[33:21] "There were Errors during the export please read the log for more
+ information"
- Accept
-/home/n9/ee/cvt/GTA04b7.scr, Line 31320:
+[33:44] /home/n9/ee/cvt/GTA04b7.scr, Line 31320:
Package SOT223-6 doesn't have enough pads for
all 10 pins of device TPS73733
- accept
-/home/n9/ee/cvt/GTA04b7.scr, Line 31321:
+[33:44] /home/n9/ee/cvt/GTA04b7.scr, Line 31321:
Use the PACKAGE command to select a package variant first
- accept
- idem, lines 31322 to 31326. Accept.
-Output ... dialog.
+[33:46] Output ... dialog.
- accept defaults
-Conversion finished! (32-33 min CPU time on Q6600)
+[33:55] There are: 217 missing part prefix(s).
+ Conversion finished!
- accept
-Log file dialog
+[33:56] Log file dialog
- accept