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+When adding a new schematics symbol, please do the following:
+1) Choose a unique name for the symbol. If the component is available
+ in packages with different pin numbering schemes, you may want to
+ add number of pins or the package name to the symbol's base name,
+ to make the name unique.
+ If the package and the number of pins are not relevant for the
+ schematics symbol, they should not be part of the name.
+ Example: 74x1g08_5.lib
+2) Create a .lib file containing just that symbol
+3) Add a LibName# entry for it at the end of
+ The LibName entry must have the form
+ LibName#=./name.lib
+ where # is the number of the highest-numbered entry, minus one
+4) Add the new symbol to HIERARCHY
+5) Record your authorship in ../AUTHORS