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2017-01-05U405: set footprint to bga:BGA-6Alvaro Gamez Machado1-1/+1
2016-12-31modempwr.sch, kicad-libs, FOOTPRINTS.txt: lga:LGA-12-1.7x2-RUT for TXS4555RUTWerner Almesberger1-3/+3
2016-12-29hw/: let cvpcb fix incomplete footprint associationsWerner Almesberger1-61/+61
2016-12-28hw/: use STQFN-20 (for Silegos) from kicad-libsWerner Almesberger1-1/+1
2016-12-28hw/: restore sanity among caps: everything <= 1 uF can safely be 0402Werner Almesberger1-237/+79
2016-12-20codec.sch, modem.sch, modempwr.sch: make nets globals for debug LEDsWerner Almesberger1-59/+220
2016-12-20hw/: kicad hamster wheeling some moreWerner Almesberger1-214/+59
2016-12-20b2b.sch, misc.sch, modempwr.sch: move EN_VUSB_MODEM over to SIM pwr SilegoWerner Almesberger1-527/+775
This way, we can make sure also VUSB_MODEM is cut if the modem is powered down.
2016-11-29modempwr.sch: add bypass caps for INA231 (suggested by Ana Martin Ayuso)Werner Almesberger1-530/+445
2016-11-29modempwr.sch: disentangleWerner Almesberger1-306/+478
2016-11-23hw/: (check and) indicate I2C addressesWerner Almesberger1-0/+2
2016-11-22modempwr.sch: remove TODO item that basically said to add issue to "to do" listWerner Almesberger1-2/+0
2016-11-14replace "SLG46531" (SLG46531V) with SLG46533VWerner Almesberger1-2/+3
The SLG46531V seems to get phased out. The SLG46533V is a suitable replacement.
2016-11-13re-annotateWerner Almesberger1-78/+78
2016-11-13hw/: reset annotations and re-annotate everythingWerner Almesberger1-57/+57
2016-11-13neo900_SS_4.sch: rename to modempwr.schWerner Almesberger1-0/+1345