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@@ -64,28 +64,30 @@ Invocation
The general form of invocation for rendering is as follows: [file.sch] -- format [options]
+eeplot -o output [options] [file.sch]
-eeplot [-1] [-e] file.lib ... file.sch -- format [options]
+eeplot -o output [options] [-1] [-e] file.lib ... file.sch
-Common if using PDF, the option -1 can be used (after "eeshow") to
-process only one sheet, not recursing into sub-sheets. -e enables
-the rendering of additional information, e.g., pin types.
+The option -o is always required. The filename extension selects the
+output driver, and can be overridden with the type: prefix. If selecting
+standard output the type prefix is always required, e.g., png:-
-For PDF and PNG, the options -s scale and -o output-file can be used to
-control the size of the output and the output file. By default, eeshow
-writes to standard output.
+If using PDF, the option -1 can be used (after "eeshow") to process only
+one sheet, not recursing into sub-sheets. -e enables the rendering of
+additional information, e.g., pin types.
+For PDF and PNG, the option -s scale can be used to control the size of
+the output.
-eeplot test.lib test.sch -- png -s 2 -o test.png
+eeplot -s 2 -o test.png test.lib test.sch
-eeplot neo900.lib kicad-libs/components/powered.lib neo900.sch \
- -- pdf -o neo900.pdf
+eeplot -o neo900.pdf neo900.lib kicad-libs/components/powered.lib neo900.sch
-eeplot neo900_SS_4.sch -- pdf -o neo900-sheet04.pdf
+eeplot -o neo900-sheet04.pdf neo900_SS_4.sch
More details on the above example can be found in the file DEMO.
@@ -96,8 +98,8 @@ Revision access
If the files are stored in a git repository, a revisions can be selected
by prefixing file names with the commit ID, e.g.,
-eeplot neo900.lib kicad-libs/components/powered.lib 6a9f71:neo900_SS_5.sch \
- -- png -s 2 -o old.png
+eeplot -o old.png -s neo900.lib kicad-libs/components/powered.lib \
+ 6a9f71:neo900_SS_5.sch \
Revision selection propagates to dependent files, unless explicitly
overridden. E.g., the above example selects also revision 6a9f71 of