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authorWerner Almesberger <>2016-09-29 21:48:00 -0300
committerWerner Almesberger <>2016-09-29 22:00:26 -0300
commit2f6677ab8f5f15fc09fc02d6ea86fd5b3f650a1d (patch)
tree0f0595cbd998d30e0178035f91b30f7ed6757e54 /gfx/cro.h
parent2c9e549c9554e0cabb4d4ccdb2c3a2238d62bcf4 (diff)
get rid of sch_render_extra and move selection to rendering (WIP)
This works for eeshow, but this breaks the -e option of eeplot and eediff, permanently enabling it in FIG, and permanently disabling it in all the Cairo-based formats.
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diff --git a/gfx/cro.h b/gfx/cro.h
index 8018e26..f24ba38 100644
--- a/gfx/cro.h
+++ b/gfx/cro.h
@@ -50,9 +50,9 @@ void cro_img_destroy(struct cro_ctx *cc);
void cro_canvas_end(struct cro_ctx *cc, int *w, int *h, int *xmin, int *ymin);
void cro_canvas_prepare(cairo_t *cr);
void cro_canvas_draw(struct cro_ctx *cc, cairo_t *cr,
- int x, int y, float scale);
+ int x, int y, float scale, enum gfx_extra extra);
-uint32_t *cro_img(struct cro_ctx *cc, struct cro_ctx *cc_extra,
+uint32_t *cro_img(struct cro_ctx *cc, enum gfx_extra extra,
int x0, int yo, int w, int h,
float scale, double alpha, cairo_t **res_cr, int *res_stride);
cairo_surface_t *cro_img_surface(struct cro_ctx *cc);