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authorWerner Almesberger <>2016-08-18 03:50:43 -0300
committerWerner Almesberger <>2016-08-18 03:50:43 -0300
commit533f4c164f33cc8d5d885992b171d1e574f8b442 (patch)
treed0b53a503c4a28c3cd8fd09d85f381e642ec987c /gui/common.h
parentd2f7d39896e04b3e4fab2a5680ec1215b98a5832 (diff)
eeshow/gui/gui.c: move sheet navigation to sheet.c
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1 files changed, 18 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/gui/common.h b/gui/common.h
index 789f527..f326289 100644
--- a/gui/common.h
+++ b/gui/common.h
@@ -111,10 +111,27 @@ void progress_update(struct gui_ctx *ctx);
void dehover_glabel(struct gui_ctx *ctx);
void add_glabel_aoi(struct gui_sheet *sheet, const struct sch_obj *obj);
+/* sheet.c */
+bool sheet_click(void *user, int x, int y);
+bool sheet_hover_update(void *user, int x, int y);
+void sheet_key(void *user, int x, int y, int keyval);
+void go_to_sheet(struct gui_ctx *ctx, struct gui_sheet *sheet);
+void do_revision_overlays(struct gui_ctx *ctx);
+void sheet_setup(struct gui_ctx *ctx);
/* gui.c */
void redraw(const struct gui_ctx *ctx);
void eeschema_coord(const struct gui_ctx *ctx, int x, int y, int *rx, int *ry);
-void go_to_sheet(struct gui_ctx *ctx, struct gui_sheet *sheet);
+struct gui_sheet *find_corresponding_sheet(struct gui_sheet *pick_from,
+ struct gui_sheet *ref_in, const struct gui_sheet *ref);
+void render_sheet(struct gui_sheet *sheet);
+void render_delta(struct gui_ctx *ctx);
+void hide_history(struct gui_ctx *ctx);
+void show_history(struct gui_ctx *ctx, enum selecting sel);
+void mark_aois(struct gui_ctx *ctx, struct gui_sheet *sheet);
#endif /* !GUI_COMMON_H */