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Parsing and input processing:
- unify alignment, direction
-- on parse error, politely complain, don't terminate;
+- on parse error, politely complain, don't terminate [almost there]
- convert assert(0) to proper error indications (BUG or such)
- quoted strings can have embedded double quotes, with \" (see parse_field)
- check what happens with UTF-8 (c4puter/motherboard)
+- track renames
+- test immunity to deletions more thoroughly (top sheet, sub-sheet, library,
+ component, project, page layout)
+- implement related_other_repo
Data model:
- implement destructors
@@ -30,8 +34,8 @@ Rendering:
- support fonts attributes ?
- support line thickness ?
- ~ as overline (grep for ~ in out.fig)
-- let user set PNG size [we have zoom level]
-- return indication of whether diff found any differences
+- maybe let user set PNG size [we have zoom level]
+- return indication of whether non-interactive diff found any differences
- in diff, pass only options understood by cairo_png
- find out why in Cairo PDF non-dashed lines disappear if CAIRO_LINE_CAP_ROUND
- non-interactive diff mode currently requires both sheets to have identical
@@ -39,7 +43,6 @@ Rendering:
- diff area algorithm will fill anything resembling a closed path, no matter
how little is inside (e.g., a changed large but empty rectangle will be
-- PDF has visible rounding errors at the default scale
- dragging can be slow. maybe reusing old content and only redrawing new
@@ -57,6 +60,7 @@ GUI:
- allow changing font size
- maybe allow changing diff contrast
+- define consistent concept for keybord shortcuts
- should have quick way to show diff of a single commit
@@ -65,6 +69,9 @@ GUI/history
- add manual selection with Up/Down/Enter
- "what I am selecting" indication (color of frames of sheets in history)
is not very clear.
+- commits in branch can be shown long after the branch has started in the
+ alternative timeline
+- clearly visualize branches as such (like gitk, tig)
- need a way to change new/old sheet association, in case automatic selection
@@ -75,3 +82,9 @@ GUI/glabels:
- maybe indicate how it is used
- there can be "hanging" pop-ups, by design. See comment in
+- needs keyboard shortcut to invoke
+- add keyboard shortcuts (cursor, Enter)
+- examine interaction with background, suppress conflicts
+- try to use alpha instead of "yellow"