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Below is a quick tour of the key features of eeshow. We use the Neo900
schematics as an example. You can download them with:
-git clone
+git clone
cd ee/hw
@@ -250,12 +250,12 @@ to display the document.
<IMG src="wt-doc.png">
Further details can be found towards the end of
-<A href=";a=blob;f=README">README</A>.
+<A href="">README</A>.
The Neo900 project makes use of this functionality, as explained in
the section "Viewing documentation" in
-<A href=";a=blob;f=README"><code>;a=blob;f=README</code></A>
+<A href=""><code></code></A>
@@ -293,5 +293,5 @@ eediff -o diff.png -s 2 neo900_SS_5.sch \
Additional functions are explained in the
-<A href=";a=blob;f=README">README</A>.
+<A href="">README</A>.