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<LI><A href="#motivation">Motivation</A>
<LI><A href="#walk-through">Walk-through</A>
<LI><A href="#experimental">Experimental features</A>
+ <UL>
+ <LI><A href="#documentation">Documentation</A>
+ <LI><A href="#copy-paste">Copy and paste</A>
+ </UL>
<LI><A href="#non-interactive">Non-interactive use</A>
@@ -228,6 +232,12 @@ Delta mode can also be selected for visualization, by pressing Shift-D.
<A name="experimental">
<H2>Experimental features</H2>
+The following features are experimental and may exhibit quirks.
+<A name="documentation">
Eeshow can be given a list of documents to show for components (identified
by their component reference).
@@ -246,6 +256,21 @@ The Neo900 project makes use of this functionality, as explained in
the section "Viewing documentation" in
<A href=";a=blob;f=README"><code>;a=blob;f=README</code></A>
+<A name="copy-paste">
+<H3>Copy and paste</H3>
+To copy text from schematics to the clipboard, move the mouse on the text
+in question, push and hold the mouse button, and swipe/drag it a little.
+The text is then highlighted and copied to the clipboard.
+This requires the <B>xsel</B> command-line utility to be installed.
+<IMG src="wt-cp.png">
<A name="non-interactive">