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web/ update for n900-base-nokbd-* scans
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@@ -26,7 +26,8 @@ The available groups of scans and pictures:
<A href="#key-top">key mat</A> (top only),
<A href="#key-frame-inside">keyboard frame</A> (inside only),
<A href="#keytop-inside">both together</A> (only pictures).
- <LI> The top of the <A href="#base-top">fully assembled base</A>.
+ <LI> The top of the <A href="#base-top">fully assembled base</A>,
+ <A href="#base-nokbd">without keyboard</A>.
<LI> The main PCB:
<A href="#pcb-top">top</A> with daughterboard folded away,
<A href="#pcb-bottom">bottom</A> with daughterboard on top or folded away,
@@ -198,6 +199,31 @@ EOF
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
+section base-nokbd "Assembled base without keyboard"
+cat <<EOF
+The fully assembled bottom half of the N900, consisting of bottom shell, PCB,
+battery, battery cover, and two smaller plastic items. Without key mat and
+keyboard frame.
+photo n900-base-nokbd-top
+photo n900-base-nokbd-inside
+photo n900-base-nokbd-inside-center
+photo n900-base-nokbd-inside-corner
+scan_set n900-base-nokbd "Assembled base without keyboard. Top."
+image n900-base-nokbd-100um-partial
+texts2 "1.1 h" "2.3 h"
+text 100um-partial <<EOF
+X/Y step size: 100 &mu;m.<BR>
+Z resolution: 25 &mu;m.<BR>
+Approximate scan time: 9 h<BR>
+# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
section pcb-top "The PCB, top"
photo n900-pcb-top