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+<title>Neo900 on Chaos Communication Camp 2015</title>
+<meta name="author" content="Joerg Reisenweber" />
+<meta name="date" content="2015-08-08 17:10:42" />
+<p class="lead">As we have already announced in our uBlog, the Neo900 project will
+be present at
+<a href="">CCCamp2015</a> next week near Berlin!</p>
+<p>We will have the following presentations:</p>
+<li><p>Lightning talk about Neo900 security features:<br/>
+Friday, August 14, 16:30<br/>
+At <a href="">the lightning talk location</a>.</p></li>
+<li><p>Full-length talk about the Neo900 project:<br/>
+Saturday, August 15, 15:00<br/>
+<a href="">BER village</a>, probably in the B&uuml;hnenzelt.</p></li>
+<li><p>Paul Kocialkowski will give a lightning talk about Replicant:<br/>
+Time and date <a href="">to be announced</a>, probably Saturday, August 15.<br/>
+At <a href="">the lightning talk location</a>.</p>
+<p>Furthermore, he will give a longer talk on software freedom
+and privacy/security on mobile devices, time and location <a href="">to be announced</a>.</p></li>
+<p>You can also find us <a href="">at the Neo village</a>.</p>
+<p>There, you can look at our prototypes, we can talk about anything
+that didn't fit in the formal presentations, or just stop by for
+a beer :-)</p>
+<p>See you at the camp !</p>
+<p>&ndash; The Neo900 team</p>
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<div style="height: 450px; max-height: 400px; overflow: hidden; position: relative">
<p class="lead" style="margin: 1em 0 0.5em">
- You can now <strong>place pre-order down payments</strong> for Neo900 devices and NeoN boards in <a href="">our shop</a>!
+ The Neo900 project will be present at <a href="">CCCamp2015</a> next week near Berlin. If you happen to be there, feel invited to join us at <a href="">the Neo village</a>!
+ </p>
+ <p style="text-align: center">
+ <a href="/news/neo900-on-chaos-communication-camp-2015" class="btn btn-lg btn-default">Read more</a>
- <p style="margin: 1.5em 0">
- The shop has already been open for a few weeks for supporters who have already made a donation / loan, and we now invite everyone who is interested in obtaining a NeoN or Neo900 to make their pre-order.
+ <hr/>
+ <p class="lead" style="margin: 1em 0 0.5em">
+ You can now <strong>place pre-order down payments</strong> for Neo900 devices and NeoN boards in <a href="">our shop</a>!
<p style="text-align: center">