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+<title>The Neo900 shop - Grand opening for pre-orders</title>
+<meta name="date" content="2015-06-01 03:28:30" />
+<meta name="author" content="Werner Almesberger" />
+<meta name="status" content="draft" />
+<p class="lead">It has been a while since the latest newsletter. We would like to
+update you on the current project status, and announce the opening of our shop.</p>
+<div style="font-family: Open Sans, sans; float: right; width: 45%; max-width: 600px; display: block;
+padding: 9.5px;
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+line-height: 1.42857;
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+background-color: #F5F5F5;
+border: 1px solid #CCC;
+border-radius: 4px;">
+<p>If you have made a loan / donation in the past, you should
+ already have received a mail with this information and another
+ mail with your voucher code in the last few weeks.</p>
+<p>If you have no such mails you may want to check your spam folder
+ or contact us at In order to help us find
+ your payment record, please provide us with as much information
+ as you can, such as:</p>
+<ul><li>the date when you made the loan / donation,</li>
+<li>the e-mail you used at the time,</li>
+<li>how you paid (e.g., bank transfer, PayPal, via GDC refund), and</li>
+<li>any payment reference you used.</li></div>
+<p>We have completed most of the design of the subsystems of Neo900,
+and we have tested some critical components. For details, please
+follow the links on <a href="" target="_blank">resources page</a>.
+Some of the highlights:</p>
+<ul><li><a href="" target="_blank">an interactive block diagram</a></li>
+<li><a href="" target="_blank">the infrared subsystem</a></li>
+<li><a href="" target="_blank">the NFC (Near-Field Communication) subsystem</a></li>
+<li><a href="" target="_blank">our unique Hackerbus</a></li>
+<li>and last but not least <a href="" target="_blank">the schematics</a></li>
+<p>Assorted R&amp;D and sourcing examples:</p>
+<li><a href="" target="_blank">the</a> <a href="" target="_blank">elusive</a>
+ <a href="" target="_blank">memory</a> <a href="" target="_blank">chips</a>
+<li>we even <a href="" target="_blank">found spares for the speakers</a>
+<li>secured source for N900s, for upgrading to Neo900. <a href="" target="_blank">Samples</a></li>
+ <a href="" target="_blank">precise PCB shape</a>
+<p>As a result, we now know which major components we will want to use
+and we are about to begin purchasing parts for production - especially
+those that have long lead times or that are difficult to find.</p>
+<p>In order to make these purchases and also in order to know how
+many parts we need to source, and in cases where there are
+multiple choices, which variant, we now ask prospective Neo900
+owners to place a pre-order and make a down payment.</p>
+<p>Pre-orders can be made in our online shop: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
+<p>We have prepared <a href="" target="_blank">a walk-through</a> that explains the various steps of
+placing a pre-order.</p>
+<p>The amount of the down payment depends on whether you choose a NeoN
+board, for upgrading your existing N900, or a fully assembled
+Neo900. Please note that the down payment is only a partial
+payment. We will ask for the final payment before production
+starts, which we estimate to be towards the end of this year.</p>
+<p>We also have updated our cost estimate, taking into account the
+details the R&amp;D work provided. Unfortunately, the total cost of the
+NeoN board has increased from the original estimate in 2013, to a
+large part due to the weak Euro. This is our latest cost estimate:
+<a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
+<p>We analyze the effect of the Euro to US dollar exchange rate
+<a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
+<p>The above cost estimate is for the NeoN board. The fully assembled
+Neo900 will cost approximately EUR 130 more, also plus any applicable
+<p>Our shop has already been open for a few weeks for supporters who
+have already made a donation / loan, and we now invite everyone who
+is interested in obtaining a NeoN or Neo900 to make their pre-order.</p>
+<p>Please try to place your pre-order before the end of June (2015), so
+that we can purchase materials in a timely manner, and especially
+while some older parts (N900) we need for compatibility are still
+<p>If you have questions or experience difficulties with the shop,
+please don't hesitate to contact us at or post
+in the <a href="" target="_blank">shop questions thread on</a></p>
+<p>Thank you, and happy pre-ordering!</p>
+<p>- The Neo900 team</p>
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