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@@ -10,10 +10,29 @@ Hooray! Joerg received another 3 BeagleBoard xM that will be used as
Six more are coming to complete the stock of 15 announced in the [last
Meanwhile, schematics final cleanup and footprint validation are
Tip: we're packing as many LEDs as the chip can offer, which means
**programming LED phun** ahead!
+## Time Travel
+**Updated:** BTW, Joerg received a box with 6 more BB-xM boards.
+No, those are [**not these** 6 BB-xM boards][B] that we ordered two
+years ago.
+Incidentally, the next day we received news from the latter lot [from
+Mouser][M], who suffered an obsolescence issue
+with their supplier CircuitCo: apparently [CircuitCo _'forgot'_ they
+had discontinued the product][C].
+[![Mouser time-travels with CircuitCo](/static/misc/20160930_BB-xM.jpg)](
+**Good timing!**
+[C]: \ No newline at end of file