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There's no doubt that PokerStars is the biggest poker site on the net. Most of the regular players at Stars also would argue that it's easily the best site on the net. This is for several reasons. For one, their supports staff is second to none. They also have some of the best software available and make it pretty easy to multi-table. Although they don't have a true rakeback program, their frequent player "VIP" program is among the best in the industry.

Through this program players can get bonuses that can more than make up for a lack of rakeback. But there is another reason that is not so well known. Even many of the regulars can be confused by PokerStars Concierge Service. The fact is that the concierge service is one of the best "rakeback" values available on any site, especially for US players. However, it is available only to players who have achieved a level of Supernova or better.

So in order to take advantage of all the benefits of playing at PokerStars, you really need to be sure you will be able to achieve Supernova status. Ok, so let's assume you are a PokerStars Supernova and you've been saving up your FPPs for the bonus and now you hear about this concierge service. Why should you use this service instead of taking the bonus? Well, in a word...value. Let's take a look. The value of the merchandise in the VIP store ranges widely, but generally it costs between 80 and 100 FPPs per $1.

The $1,500 Supernova Bonus costs 67 FPPs/$1, plus it takes 10,500 base FPPs to clear it. The $4,000 Supernova Bonus costs 62.5 FPPs/$1, plus it takes 28,000 base FPPs to clear it. Tournament tickets are the best straight value, at 59 - 63 FPPs/$1, but unfortunately, PokerStars won't guarantee that you will make the money. The value of PokerStars Concierge is 62 FPPs/$1. Now you might say, well, Taylor Swift there's not a big difference between the $4,000 bonus and concierge, so I'll just take the bonus.

But look at not only the value of the FPPs/$, but also the value of time. It can take over a month for some players to earn 28,000 base FPPs (VPPs). That's a long time considering that there's basically no waiting period for concierge. It takes only the time for you to send in receipts, Concierge to approve it, and the Accounts Department to credit your account. About a week, often less. So that's three extra weeks you would have to wait for the same amount of money.

Alright, so your convinced and now you're looking for the fine print. Well, there's not much of it, but there are a few things you cannot concierge. Don't send them bills or taxes. They won't pay it.

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