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Dear Neo900 supporter,

If you donated during our fundraiser, you have probably already received an e-mail from Golden Delicious Computers regarding the necessary rollback of funds - and possible transfer to Neo900 UG - which we announced in our last progress update.

As GDC wrote in the order note, they are not able to make any formal recommendation to transfer the funds to Neo900 UG. However, if you donated using a bank transfer, you are free to choose the destination account of your refund. This includes the possibility to choose the Neo900 UG account and continue to support the Neo900 project.

We don't know yet whether the same is possible with credit card payments. We will send an update as soon as we know. UPDATE: It appears to be possible to refund CC donations to Neo900 UG account as well! If you have a credit card payment that hasn't been refunded and wish to transfer it to Neo900 UG, we'd suggest you add a note to your order (according to GDC's instructions) that you wish the refund to be sent directly to Neo900 UG, exactly like it is suggested for bank transfers.

In case you already received your refund, donations can also be made directly, using the following account data:

Account owner: Neo900 UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Untere Kanalstrasse 7
90429 Nuernberg
IBAN: DE55 7607 0024 0043 4332 00
BIC (SWIFT): DEUTDEDB760, Deutsche Bank
Customer reference / payment details: your e-mail address

Please let us know about your donation by also sending an e-mail to with the subject "Neo900 donation" and the original and final invoice from GDC attached, from the same address as specified in the payment details.


From: <my-email@somewhere.xy>
Subject: Neo900 donation
I just transferred xxx EUR to Neo900 UG account.
This is a refund from GDC for an original donation of yyy EUR which I did on <date>
I need [no] receipt from Neo900 UG for that donation.
(original and final invoice mail from GDC attached or pasted)

We're working on eventually also providing other means to transfer money to Neo900 UG. If for some reason you definitely can't or don't want to do a SEPA/IBAN transfer, please wait with your donation for further information.

Please keep in mind that donations are not tax-deductible and also not refundable. However, if the project succeeds, we'll definitely take all donations into account in a fair way and will remember our promises, even though technically donations are not refundable now and we are not allowed to promise anything in return in a legally binding way.

Despite of all the organizational difficulties our project has faced we are still determined to make it a success story. However, we understand and respect your decision if for any reason you don't want to transfer your funds to Neo900 UG or want to wait with deciding until you feel comfortable with the status of the project. Nevertheless we depend on and hope for your support, so in case of any doubts or questions we look forward to get in touch with you - just use any means described on our contact page.

With kind regards,
Neo900 Team