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+There are two distinct directories for fped source files: those directly on
+our repo, under hw/modules, and those on kicad-libs/modules
+The idea is being able to provide layouters with .mod output files, and also
+letting them commit .mod files if they choses to modify them.
+Fped can be thought of not exactly as a footprint builder itself, but more
+like a footprint creator wizard, because in fact, it's basically that: you
+have .fped files, but most of them aren't defining a single footprint, but
+a variety of them using a specific template.
+Once fped has been used as a wizard to create a footprint, it's sometimes
+needed to be fixed by hand (maybe pin numbering or ordering, small
+differences not accounted for on the wizard, etc).
+In this case, fped and .fpd files aren't themselves files used by kicad, but
+tools used to create files that *are* kicad files. So, what we're adding to
+the repository is two distinct although related things. First, under
+modules/ there are our .fpd files, which are in turn used to generate
+footprints. These footprints are later on stored under this directory,
+footprints/, because we need to keep version control of these files in case
+some manual modifications are needed to these files.
+We keep the following table to store the origin of all .mod files, so we
+know if they have been manually modified or not. This way, we won't
+overwrite any manually modified footprint even if the wizard (original .fpd
+file) has been modified.
+File name Original file Version Notes
+neo900-legacy.mod Non lib associated footprints Unmodified
+101-00271-82.mod modules/101-00271-82.fpd dba9399879248fffa3b023cff37d4b3facd87c74 Unmodified
+CPL-WBF-00D3.mod modules/CPL-WBF-00D3.fpd dba9399879248fffa3b023cff37d4b3facd87c74 Unmodified
+DF9.mod modules/DF9.fpd dba9399879248fffa3b023cff37d4b3facd87c74 Unmodified
+M50-315XX.mod modules/M50-315XX.fpd dba9399879248fffa3b023cff37d4b3facd87c74 Unmodified
+MNR-series.mod modules/MNR-series.fpd dba9399879248fffa3b023cff37d4b3facd87c74 Unmodified
+YFC.mod modules/YFC.fpd dba9399879248fffa3b023cff37d4b3facd87c74 Unmodified
+bga.mod modules/bga.fpd dba9399879248fffa3b023cff37d4b3facd87c74 Unmodified
+dfn.mod kicad-libs/modules/dfn.fpd e9464fddac7fadae7a3b472d25949e513d38eb34 Unmodified
+header.mod kicad-libs/modules/header.fpd e9464fddac7fadae7a3b472d25949e513d38eb34 Unmodified
+lga.mod kicad-libs/modules/lga.fpd e9464fddac7fadae7a3b472d25949e513d38eb34 Unmodified
+luxeon3020.mod modules/luxeon3020.fpd dba9399879248fffa3b023cff37d4b3facd87c74 Unmodified
+msl0104.mod kicad-libs/modules/msl0104.fpd e9464fddac7fadae7a3b472d25949e513d38eb34 Unmodified
+qfn.mod kicad-libs/modules/qfn.fpd e9464fddac7fadae7a3b472d25949e513d38eb34 Unmodified
+smd-dil.mod modules/smd-dil.fpd dba9399879248fffa3b023cff37d4b3facd87c74 Unmodified
+sot.mod kicad-libs/modules/sot.fpd e9464fddac7fadae7a3b472d25949e513d38eb34 Unmodified
+ssop.mod kicad-libs/modules/ssop.fpd e9464fddac7fadae7a3b472d25949e513d38eb34 Unmodified
+stdpass.mod kicad-libs/modules/stdpass.fpd e9464fddac7fadae7a3b472d25949e513d38eb34 Unmodified
+stqfn20.mod kicad-libs/modules/stqfn20.fpd e9464fddac7fadae7a3b472d25949e513d38eb34 Unmodified
+uDFN-9.mod modules/uDFN-9.fpd dba9399879248fffa3b023cff37d4b3facd87c74 Unmodified
+vemd10940f.mod modules/vemd10940f.fpd dba9399879248fffa3b023cff37d4b3facd87c74 Unmodified
+ alt
+L201 stdpass:1008 - exists
+P201 neo900-legacy:SD-47590-0001 - exists
+U201 neo900-legacy:SOT457-6 - exists
+U202 neo900-legacy:R-XBGA-N6-0.5 CYZP exists
+U203 neo900-legacy:S-PVQFN-N24-0.5 RGE exists
+G301+ neo900-legacy:PAD-3.5X2.5 - exists
+P301 neo900:N900-BATTCONN - exists
+U301 smd-dil:SMD-DIL-6-0.35 DSF exists
+U302 neo900-legacy:S-PVSON-N10-4X3 DRK exists
+U303 neo900-legacy:S-XBGA-N9-0.5 YZFR exists
+? neo900-legacy:TP-1.25 - exists (BATTID, etc.)
+? neo900-legacy:1PIN-HOLE - exists (BQ_PGM)
+U401 neo900-legacy:R-XBGA-N6-0.5 CYZP = U202
+U402 stqfn20:STQFN-20 - exists
+U403+ neo900-legacy:R-XBGA-N12-0.4 YFF exists
+U405 bga:BGA-6 - exists (BGA, 6, 0.4 mm)
+U407+ lga:LGA-12-1.7x2-RUT RUT exists
+U409 neo900-legacy:R-XBGA-N6-0.5 CYZP = U202
+M501 neo900-legacy:P*S8 - exists
+T501 neo900-legacy:SC88A SOT-353 exists
+TP501+ neo900-legacy:TP-0.75 - exists
+TP543+ neo900-legacy:TP-1.25 - exists
+J501+ OPT-MINI-RF-TAP - missing
+P601 neo900-legacy:SJ106220 - exists
+P602 - - missing (SIM holder)
+U601 bga:BGA-8 YZP exists (BGA, 8, 0.5 mm)
+U602 neo900:R-PUQFN-N12 RUT exists (lga:LGA-12-1.7x2-RUT could also be used)
+U603+ smd-dil:SMD-DIL-6-0.35 DSF = U301
+U608+ smd-dil:SMD-DIL-8-0.35 DQE exists
+U610+ qfn:QFN20-UEEE - exists
+U612+ neo900-legacy:SOT666IP - exists
+P701+ - - undefined
+U701 neo900-legacy:TSNP-7-10 - exists
+U702 CPL-WBF-00D3:CPL-WBF-00D3 - exists
+U703+ dfn:DFN-6-0.65mm - exists
+U705 neo900-legacy:SC70-6 - exists
+U706 stqfn20:STQFN-20 - = U402
+J801 OPT-MINI-RF-TAP - = J501
+P801+ neo900-legacy:N900-SPRING-A - exists
+P803 neo900-legacy:1PIN-1.5-0.8 - exists
+P804 neo900-legacy:1PIN-1.5SQ-0.8 - exists
+U801 neo900-legacy:WL18XXMOD - exists
+U802 neo900-legacy:QFN-16+4+E-0.5 - exists (16-QFN w/ corner pads)
+TP801+ neo900-legacy:TP-0.75 - = TP501
+S901 neo900-legacy:LGA-DIL-12+2 - exists (STQFN-ish)
+S902 lga:LGA-20-3x4.5-BMX055 - exists
+S902 lga:LGA-8-2.5x2.5-BME280 - exists
+U901 neo900-legacy:SOT23 - exists (TSOT-3L = SOT23, ok)
+U902 neo900:TMD2671 - exists
+M1001+ neo900-legacy:SPK0415HM4H-B - exists
+P1001 neo900-legacy:2403-260-00031 - exists
+U1001 neo900-legacy:S-PBGA-N87-0.5 ZAS exists
+U1002 neo900-legacy:S-PWQFN-N20-0.5 RTJ exists
+L1101 neo900-legacy:MPZ1608 - exists (0603)
+P1101 neo900-legacy:N900-HEADSET - exists
+U1101 neo900-legacy:S-PWQFN-N20-0.5 RTJ = U1002
+U1102 YFC:YFC YFC exists
+U1103 neo900-legacy:S-PWQFN-N16-0.5 RTE exists
+U1104 neo900-legacy:SOT23-5 DBV exists
+U1105 neo900-legacy:R-PDSO-G8-0.65 DGK exists
+G1201+ neo900-legacy:N900-SPRING-A - = P801
+G1207+ neo900-legacy:PAD-3.5X2.5 - = G301
+TP1201+ neo900-legacy:TP-1.25 - = TP543
+VIB1201 neo900-legacy:PREC-MICRO-304-106 - exists
+U1301 neo900-legacy:QFN-32+E-0.5 - exists
+U1302 neo900-legacy:TRF7960_61 - exists
+X1301 neo900-legacy:XO-3225 - exists
+D1401 vemd10940f:VEMD10940F - exists
+D1402 neo900-legacy:VSMB2948SL - exists
+Q1401 neo900-legacy:SC89-3 SOT-523 exists
+U1401 smd-dil:SMD-DIL-6-0.5 - exists
+U1402 stqfn20:STQFN-20 - = U402
+P1501+ neo900-legacy:DF40C-60DP-0.4V - exists
+P1502+ neo900-legacy:DF40C-60DS-0.4V - exists
+R1501+ MNR-Series:MNR-15 - exists
+U1501+ qfn:QFN24-VGGD-8 - exists
+CON1601+ DF9:DF9-21-1V - exists (verify pattern prohibited zone)
+D1601 neo900-legacy:CRS02 SOD-123 exists (looks okay)
+TP1601+ neo900-legacy:1PIN-1.5-0.8 - = P803
+TP1603+ neo900-legacy:TP-0.75 - = TP501
+Q1601+ sot:SOT-563 SSMini6 exists
+U1601 neo900-legacy:QFN-16+E-0.5 - exists
+CON1701+ DF9:DF9-21-1V - exists (verify pattern prohibited zone)
+CON1703 M50-315XX:M50-31510 - exists
+G1701 neo900-legacy:PAD-3.5X1.5 - exists
+LED1701 neo900-legacy:SMLP36RGB2W3 - exists
+LED1702+ luxeon3020:LUXEON-3020 - exists
+P1701 neo900-legacy:ST1W008S4BR1500 - exists
+U1702 neo900:TMD2671 - = U902
+U1704 neo900-legacy:SOT23 - = U901
+U1701+ uDFN-9:uDFN-0 - exists
+B1801+ neo900-legacy:N900-BUTTON - exists
+D1803 sot:SOT-563 - = Q1601
+P-CAMERA1801 neo900-legacy:EVQQ0 - exists
+P-LOCK1801 neo900-legacy:ESE-16J001 - exists
+P-MINUS1801 neo900-legacy:EVQP40B3M - exists
+P-ON1801 neo900-legacy:EVQP40B3M - = P-PLUS1801
+P-PLUS1801 neo900-legacy:EVQP40B3M - = P-PLUS1801
+Q1801 sot:SOT-563 - = Q1601
+U1801 neo900-legacy:LPCC-24 RTW exists (weird name, pad dubious)
+D1901 neo900-legacy:CRS02 SOD-123 = D1601
+L1901 neo900-legacy:SMD-1212 - exists
+L1905+ neo900-legacy:ACM2012H - exists
+Q1901 sot:SOT-563 - = Q1601
+P1901 neo900-legacy:500024-6471 - exists
+U1901 dfn:DFN-6-0.65mm-TH DRV exists
+U1902 smd-dil:SMD-DIL-6-0.35 DSF = U301
+U1903 neo900-legacy:QFN-32+E-0.5 - exists
+U1904+ neo900-legacy:SOT666IP - = U612
+P2001 neo900-legacy:DF37NB-20SD-0.4V - exists
+U2001+ neo900-legacy:R-XBGA-N12-0.5 YZT exists
+U2003 neo900-legacy:SOT457-6 - = U201
+LED2101+ neo900-legacy:MSL0201RGB - exists
+LED2105+ msl0104:MSL0104 - exists
+U2101+ neo900-legacy:YZR0036 YZR exists
+U2102 neo900-legacy:QFN-24+E-0.5 RTW = U1801
+U2103 neo900-legacy:SOT666IP - = U612
+P2201 neo900-legacy:105017-0001 - exists
+U2201+ neo900-legacy:SOT23-5 DBV = U1104
+U2203+ neo900-legacy:XO-2520 - exists (looks horrible)
+P2301 neo900:BBCONN - exists (but can we use that ?)
+P2302 header:HDR-10x2-50mil - exists
+U2301 - - = U1501
+U2302 ssop:TSSOP-16 - exists (close enough approx)
+U2303 stqfn20:STQFN-20 - = U402
+CON2401 header:HDR-2x1-100mil - exists
+P2501 neo900:BEAGLEBOARD-XM-CAM - exists
+CON2501+ header:HDR-34x1-50mil - exists
+P2502 header:HDR-2x2-50mil - exists
+exists = exists in a library, needs review
+missing = footprint type is defined, but we have no CAD drawing yet
+undefined = footprint is not defined/specified yet
+WRONG = we have footprint, but it's incorrect
+0402 2u2;10V 2u2[>=6.3V]
+0603 4u7;10V 8u2;10V; 10u[>=6.3V]
+0805 47u[>=6.3V] 10u[>=6.3V] 22u[>=6.3V]
+SOT aliases
+SOT-353 SC70-5 SC88A TSSOP-5 UMT5
+SOT-363 SC70-6 SC88 TSSOP-6 IMT6 US6 S-Mini6
+SOT-523 SC89