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+# Format:
+# contact bb-label [ball]
+# "contact" is the name of the connector plus the pin number, e.g., P9_3.
+# "bb-label" is the label assigned to the signal in the BB-mX schematics.
+# "ball" is the DM3730CBP ball this signal connects to.
+# Expansion Connector (P9), right side (odd-numbered contacts)
+P9_1 VIO_1V8
+P9_3 MMC2_DAT7 AE3
+P9_5 MMC2_DAT6 AF3
+P9_7 MMC2_DAT5 AH3
+P9_9 MMC2_DAT4 AE4
+P9_11 MMC2_DAT3 AF4
+P9_13 MMC2_DAT2 AG4
+P9_15 MMC2_DAT1 AH4
+P9_17 MMC2_DAT0 AH5
+P9_19 MMC2_CMD AG5
+P9_21 MMC2_CLKO AE2 # 33 Ohm series resistor
+P9_23 I2C2_SDA AE15 # 4.7 kOhm pull-up
+P9_25 REGEN # TPS65950.REGEN output (ball A10)
+P9_27 GND
+# Expansion connector (P9), left side (even-numbered contacts)
+P9_2 DC_5V
+P9_4 MCBSP3_DX AB26
+P9_10 MCBSP3_DR AB25
+P9_12 McBSP1_DX V21
+P9_14 McBSP1_CLKX W21
+P9_16 McBSP1_FSX K26
+P9_18 McBSP1_DR U21
+P9_20 McBSP1_CLKR Y21
+P9_22 McBSP1_FSR AA21
+P9_24 I2C2_SCL AF13 # 4.7 kOhm pull-up
+P9_28 GND
+# Aux Access Header (P17), left side (odd-numbered contacts)
+P17_1 VIO_1V8
+P17_3 MMC3_DAT2 AF13
+P17_5 MMC3_DAT3 AE13
+P17_7 GPIO_15 AG12
+P17_9 MMC3_DAT5 AG9
+P17_11 MMC3_DAT0 AE11
+P17_13 MMC3_DAT6 AF9
+P17_15 HDQ J25
+P17_17 AUX_ADC # TPS65950.ADCIN6 (ball N9)
+P17_19 GND
+# Aux Access Header (P17), right side (even-numbered contacts)
+P17_2 VMMC2
+P17_4 MMC3_DAT7 AH14
+P17_6 GPIO_16 AH12
+P17_8 MMC3_DAT1 AH9
+P17_10 MMC3_DAT4 AF11
+P17_12 MMC3_CMD AE10
+P17_14 MMC3_CLK AF10
+P17_16 DMAREQ3 P8
+P17_18 PWR_CNTRL # TPS65950.PWRON input (ball A11), pull-up
+P17_20 GND
+# Audio Access Header (P18)
+P18_1 MCBSP2_DR R21 # also TPS65950.I2S.DOUT (K3)
+P18_2 MCBSP2_FSX P21 # also TPS65950.I2S.SYNC (K6)
+P18_3 MCBSP2_DX M21 # also TPS65950.I2S.DIN (K4)
+P18_4 MCBSP2_CLKX N21 # also TPS65950.I2S.CLK (L3)
+# Camera Connector (P10), left side (odd-numbered contacts)
+P10_1 CAM_D11 C26
+P10_3 CAM_D10 B25
+P10_5 CAM_D9 L27
+P10_7 CAM_D8 K27
+P10_9 CAM_D7 L28
+P10_11 CAM_D6 K28
+P10_13 CAM_D5 A25
+P10_15 CAM_D4 D24
+P10_17 CAM_D3 C24
+P10_19 CAM_D2 B24
+P10_21 CAM_D1 AH17
+P10_23 CAM_D0 AG17
+P10_25 HUB_3V3 # solder-jumper alternative: DC_5V
+P10_27 CAM_PCLK C27
+P10_29 CAM_HS A24
+P10_31 CAM_VS A23
+P10_33 GND
+# Camera Connector (P10), right side (even-numbered contacts)
+P10_2 CAM_CLKA C25
+P10_4 GND
+P10_6 I2C2_SDA AE15 # maybe just pull-up ?
+P10_8 I2C2_SCL AF13 # maybe just pull-up ?
+P10_10 CAM_FLD C23
+P10_12 CAM_WEN B23
+P10_14 GND
+P10_16 CAM_IO # TPS65950.VAUX4.OUT (B3)
+P10_18 CAM_IO # TPS65950.VAUX4.OUT (B3)
+P10_20 GND
+P10_22 GND
+P10_24 HUB_3V3 # solder-jumper alternative: DC_5V
+P10_26 HUB_3V3 # solder-jumper alternative: DC_5V
+P10_28 GND
+P10_30 CAM_CORE # TPS65950.VAUX3.OUT (G16)
+P10_32 CAM_CORE # TPS65950.VAUX3.OUT (G16)
+P10_34 GND