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@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@ Mesh measurement utility
meme [-d dump.bmp] [-l logfile] [-m] [-o ...]
- <path-to-STL-file>
-meme -s [-n] <path-to-STL-file>
+ headless-dump-options path-to-STL-file
+meme -s [-n] path-to-STL-file
@@ -139,6 +139,48 @@ position of the edge is calculated considering the shape of the
scanning needle. This is illustrated in needle.fig
+Headless screen dumps
+Non-interactive screen dumps (e.g., to generate documentation) can be
+taken with the -D option and its many sub-options:
+ -D xres yres
+ Draws the mesh on a canvas of the specified size and then dumps it,
+ as if pressing "D". If markers or an overlay have been specified,
+ they are displayed. No other items (cursor, profiles, etc.) are
+ shown.
+ -C cx cy
+ Show the cursor at the specified position.
+ -E z zoom
+ Enhance contrast by "zoom" levels around the height "z". This is
+ similar to contrast enhancement by pressing "C".
+ -M mx my
+ Move the middle of the canvas to the specified position (in model
+ coordinates).
+ -P
+ Show profiles. This is like toggling them on with "P".
+ -Z zoom
+ Set the zoom level. If "zoom" begins with a plus or minus sign, the
+ default zoom level is changed accordingly. I.e., "+1" auto-zooms to
+ show the whole mesh, then zooms in by one step.
+ To prevent negative numbers on the command line from being
+ mis-interpreted as options, they can be prefixed with a space, e.g.,
+ " -10"