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Krampus time!
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+title: It's Krampus Time!
+slug: 2016-week-52
+category: news
+date: 2016-12-24
+author: hellekin
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+`proto_v2` layout under way! More N900 units! HackerBus and IR
+updates! Meet at 33c3!
+{: .lead :}
+## Prototype version 2 Layout
+As expected, work on the `proto_v2` layout started this month, and is
+progressing nicely. The layout is being done by a community member
+who is making a special effort to learn how to do her work on free
+software, now that we use KiCAD. It is very telling that we chose a
+member of the Neo900 family to bring this prototype to life. We're
+very thankful to `ahycka` for taking up this task.
+We also want to thank `ceene` and `atk` for their help in the setup of
+the repositories: the layout is a production-ready document that could
+impair our company's capacity to reach its goal if an ad-hoc
+competitor would decide to take it to a factory without us being
+involved. So, for now, it's top-secret ;o) and only accessible to our
+engineering team. Of course when we're done with it, it will join the
+rest of the public code, after all Neo900 is a free hardware project,
+and once we have produced your device, we welcome others to make more.
+Werner put up a [howto review the
+schematics](/stuff/kicad/proto_v2/2016-11-20/review-howto.html) for
+those of you who would like to lend an eyeball or two and _make bugs
+## Sourcing N900 Units Continues
+We received another 40 N900 units to metamorphose them into upgraded
+Neo900 devices. That makes about 140 Neo900 devices in the making.
+We still need to source 75 to cover our current demand (not counting
+the 114 NeoN boards ordered by people who already own a N900), and
+another 450 to reach our end goal of 800 Neo900 produced. Sourcing
+N900 is a slow and hard process (they need to be in mint condition),
+so if you find any, pass the word! Kids, beware: we've spotted one
+recently pulled by Krampus:
+![Krampus pulling a N900 in the snow](/stuff/paste/pull-Aiy2aigh.jpg)
+## Hackerbus, IR, And Buttons
+Soon after our last news in November, the [Hackerbus whitepaper][hb]
+was updated with the following changes:
+- `GPIO_d` now uses configurable `VAUX3` as supply, not a fixed 2.7 V
+ rail
+- documented alternative Hackerbus pin assignment
+[hb]: /stuff/papers/hb.pdf
+A couple of days ago, the [InfraRed Whitepaper][ir] was updated with
+the following changes:
+- the IR logic is now controlled through an I2C-accessible register in
+ the logic chip (Silego), not through GPIOs
+- the receiver is designed to filter at 30 Hz, not 10 Hz
+- added slew rate control for the transmit LED
+- added an analog switch to completely disable the receiver
+[ir]: /stuff/papers/ir.pdf
+Finally, Joerg reverse-engineered the Enhanced Interface Control (ECI)
+of N900 (which is also present in Neo900) and started documenting it.
+That means we can have free software to control undocumented features
+of Nokia hardware that wasn't used before, and our friends from Maemo
+are on it! Joerg posted some very [technical details on IRC][d].
+## Are You Going To 33c3?
+If you're going to the Chaos Communications Congress next week and
+want to have a friendly chat about Neo900, hellekin will be around,
+joinable on the GSM network. We'll update this page with more
+information so that we can setup a meeting!
+## What's next?
+In 2017, as soon as the `proto_v2` is out we'll launch a new
+crowdfunding campaign to help us reach out to more people and reach
+our objective. In that context, Neo900 will be present at the
+[Conference on Privacy and Data Protection] in Brussels, end of
+January. This is the most important conference on the topic in
+Europe, gathering professionals and researchers from around the world.
+More on this later!
+The Neo900 team wish you a great celebration for this end of year.