How to review the Neo900 schematics

The easiest way to access the Neo900 schematics is by opening
(or our frequently updated development snapshot)
with your Web browser.

Read with eeshow

Eeshow is a schematics viewer we made to help with working on the Neo900 schematics. (But one can use it for other projects, too.) Eeshow runs on Linux.
For reviews, an important feature is the ability to quickly open data sheets directly from the schematics. The setup process is as follows:

See the eeshow documentation for how to navigate through the schematics and how to open data sheets.

What to look for

There are many issues that can be found in a review. The following list are just examples for things to look for. When reviewing the schematics, you will develop a deeper understanding of the circuit and be able to detect problems and inconsistencies that may not be obvious at a first glance.

Discuss your findings

If you find something that looks suspicious or if you have questions, please use the channel #neo900 on Freenode.