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TODO: structure rendering section
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@@ -31,20 +31,22 @@ Visualization (dwg.c and such):
- support mirroring (and detect-complain if unexpected) [should be done now]
- should get rid of gfx_user()
- better text size guessing also for FIG
- consider switching to Hershey fonts (that's what eeschema uses, right ?)
(goal: prevent font geometry from changing when scaling)
-- support line thickness ?
- ~ as overline (grep for ~ in out.fig) [ done for Cairo, FIG still missing ]
- maybe let user set PNG size [we have zoom level]
+- support line thickness ?
- find out why in Cairo PDF non-dashed lines disappear if CAIRO_LINE_CAP_ROUND
- diff area algorithm will fill anything resembling a closed path, no matter
how little is inside (e.g., a changed large but empty rectangle will be
- interaction with eda-tools/genkicat fails: catalog text is lost
-- eeplot to PDF sometimes chops off one line of pixels, ignores text size
- (test with kicad-libs/components catalog)
- dragging can be slow. maybe reusing old content and only redrawing new