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Eeshow was developed as part of the
<A href="">Neo900</A> project.
+ <LI><A href="#building">Building eeshow</A>
+ <LI><A href="#motivation">Motivation</A>
+ <LI><A href="#walk-through">Walk-through</A>
+ <LI><A href="#experimental">Experimental features</A>
+ <LI><A href="#non-interactive">Non-interactive use</A>
+<A name="building">
<H2>Building eeshow</H2>
Eeshow currently only works on Linux.
@@ -66,6 +76,7 @@ sudo make install
+<A name="motivation">
The Neo900 project uses complex schematics that are edited by several
@@ -98,6 +109,7 @@ and the approach of using a table would not have scaled to a project
as large as Neo900.
+<A name="walk-through">
Below is a quick tour of the key features of eeshow. We use the Neo900
@@ -213,6 +225,7 @@ e.g., a sheet may be highlighted but have no visible changes.
Delta mode can also be selected for visualization, by pressing Shift-D.
+<A name="experimental">
<H2>Experimental features</H2>
Eeshow can be given a list of documents to show for components (identified
@@ -234,6 +247,8 @@ the section "Viewing documentation" in
<A href=";a=blob;f=README"><code>;a=blob;f=README</code></A>
+<A name="non-interactive">
<H2>Non-interactive use</H2>
Eeshow can also be used from the command line to render schematics.