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<H1>Eeshow &dash; Schematics renderer and viewer</H1>
-Eeshow reads schematics made by
+Eeshow is a collection of programs that read schematics made by
<A href="">KiCad</A>
<A href="">Eeschema</A>
and can be used as
@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ transfig and
git clone
cd eeshow
+make install
@@ -198,10 +199,19 @@ Delta mode can also be selected for visualization, by pressing Shift-D.
<H2>Non-interactive use</H2>
Eeshow can also be used from the command line to render schematics.
-The most common use may be to render the schematics as PDF. Example:
+The most common use may be to render the schematics as PDF, with the
+command <code>eeplot</code>. Example:
-eeshow -- pdf -o neo900.pdf
+eeplot -- pdf -o neo900.pdf
+The command <code>eediff</code> makes a pixel-wised comparison of two
+schematics sheets, like "diff mode" in eeshow does:
+eediff neo900_SS_5.sch -- \
+ diff -o diff.png -s 2 neo900_SS_5.sch
Additional functions are explained in the