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library changes in older revisions may get unnoticed.
+Overriding the sheet date (experimental)
+Eeplot can override the sheet date when using the experimental option
+-d string The specified string then replaces the date on all sheets.
+eeplot -d "`git log -1 --format='%ai' -s .`" -o neo900.pdf
+The date string can also contain the following date formatting options:
+ %t insert the current time
+ %s insert the modification time of the sheet file, or the author
+ date of the commit containing the latest change to the sheet
+ file
+ %S like %s, but use the date of the most recently modified sheet
+ that is part of the plot
+ %i parse the date string in the sheet
+ %u insert the date previously obtained with %i
+eeplot -d "%s" ...
+All the above formatting options accept a format argument in the form
+%{format}x where "format" is a strftime-type string (or stfptime, in
+the case of %i) and "x" is the format character. Closing curly braces
+can be escaped with %}.
+If no format is specified, eeplot uses "%F" for %i (example: 2016-10-28)
+and "%F %T %z" for all other options (example: 2016-10-28 17:36:17 -0300).
+If %i fails to parse the date string, %u produces an empty string.
+An alternative can be selected with the ! prefix for the format
+character, which only expands the format if there is no user-provided
+date. Example:
+eeplot -d "%i%{%D}u%{%D}!s" -o neo900.pdf
+The HEAD: in the above example makes eeplot retrieve the schematics
+from git. Without this prefix, it would use files (and thus the time
+they were checked out our locally modified, and not the time they were
+changed in the repository).
+Date support is still experimental and the syntax may change in future
+versions of eeplot.
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