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+- selecting history while showing index can cause segfault;
+ index can also be invoked while in history, so far without problems;
+ probably best to just not support this type of interaction, or implement
+ proper mode transitions
Parsing and input processing:
- unify alignment, direction
- on parse error, politely complain, don't terminate [almost there]
@@ -15,6 +21,8 @@ Parsing and input processing:
- likewise, does it affect component library search path ?
- when looking for a file, consider that it may have been deleted/moved, and
then don't magically resurrect it from the repo
+- seems that atoms in sexpr can contain \ - rules not entirely clear
+- text fields in header can contain newlines as \\n
Data model:
- implement destructors
@@ -50,6 +58,7 @@ Rendering/Other:
how little is inside (e.g., a changed large but empty rectangle will be
- interaction with eda-tools/genkicat fails: catalog text is lost
+- strings in page layout (included expanded) can contain newlines as \n
- dragging can be slow. maybe reusing old content and only redrawing new
@@ -62,12 +71,16 @@ GUI:
or maybe (allowing for sheets from completely different sources):
+ shape: circle ? rectangle ?
- set/use location string via clipboard
- incremental search with / ? and maybe Ctrl-S and Ctrl-R
- allow changing font size
- maybe allow changing diff contrast
- define consistent concept for keybord shortcuts
+- would be nice to be able to reload design without quit, restart
+- would be nice to be able to invoke PDF viewer on data sheets
+- if invoked without file name, eeshow should show file dialog
- should have quick way to show diff of a single commit
@@ -93,3 +106,4 @@ GUI/index:
- needs keyboard shortcut to invoke
- add keyboard shortcuts (cursor, Enter)
- examine interaction with background, suppress conflicts
+- show sheet numbers [now we have file names; check with paths, etc.]