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System">OS</abbr>) to access anything else on the system, and
preventing remote activation of the chip in the first place.</p>
- <p>Lucas Molas of <em>Programa STIC</em> discovered a <cite>Heap
+ <p>Lucas Molas of <em>Programa STIC</em> discovered a <q>Heap
memory corruption in <abbr title="Abstract Syntax Notation
One">ASN.1</abbr> parsing code generated by Objective Systems
- Inc. ASN1C compiler for C/C++</cite> potentially affecting
+ Inc. ASN1C compiler for C/C++</q> potentially affecting
billions of phone users worldwide.
<q cite="">
<abbr>ASN.1</abbr> is used in many protocols and data formats,
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<h2>How is Neo900 Affected?</h2>
- <p>The short answer is: although the modem in Neo900 may or may
+<!-- <p>The short answer is: although the modem in Neo900 may or may
not be affected--we cannot know since <strong>all baseband
chips are proprietary black box designs</strong>--Neo900 is
designed to not trust the modem.</p>
+ <p>The short answer is: even if the modem in Neo900 were
+ compromised, it couldn't spread infection to the rest of the
+ system like it would on most smartphones. To know why, read on.</p>
our <a href="">last