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September 2017 News Update
"Kickin' it with KiCad and ballin' with metacollin! Work begins as a new engineer comes in!" [ commitmsg] Signed-off-by: Tomasz Kramkowski <>
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+Title: Work begins as a new engineer comes in! Welcome metacollin!
+Date: 2017-09-03
+Category: news
+Author: sn0wmonster
+Slug: neo900-update-2017-09-03
+Tags: team, layouts
+body_params: class="weekly news"
+Kickin' it with KiCad and ballin' with metacollin! Work begins as a new
+engineer comes in!
+{: .lead :}
+## New members
+The road to layouts and manufacturing has taken some winding turns,
+tested the team's resolve, and reminded us all of the gloomy state of
+affairs for hardware openness in the industry.
+Nevertheless, the Neo900 project has remained uncompromising in its
+agenda to provide a completely open and transparent stack for all its
+developers and users. Ultimately, this stance has caused us to take
+pause when dealing with mainstream layout engineers and foundries who
+would have Neo900 conform to their interests. This has ultimately led
+the team to turn to Freenode for what it was intended for -- open source
+collaboration -- and utlimately discover a new team member.
+We welcome metacollin to the core team, an experienced electronic design
+engineer, native KiCad expert and active contributor to the KiCad project.
+metacollin's invaluable addition to the team not only makes v2 of the
+Neo900 prototype more of a reality, but provides us the necessary KiCad
+support when needed.
+## Status of development
+As metacollin settles in to his role of layout engineering, and managing
+the production and assembly of the first run of the proto_v2 boards,
+we'll have more technical updates to share.
+The current expectation for v2 prototype layout completion is 5 weeks.
+The whole Neo900 team thanks the community graciously for their much
+needed patience as we continue to build and bring this project closer
+to your palm.