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Pre-orders and vouchers


With a pre-order, you choose how many devices, which kind of device (NeoN board or assembled Neo900), and which modem configuration (see for details) you want. You can combine choices as you like.

Pre-orders are made through our shop:

How to use the shop

We prepared a series of annotated screenshots that show how to use the shop:

Down payment

When you place a pre-order, you will be asked to make a down payment. This down payment is for materials we need to purchase in the coming months and related expenses. For each NeoN, the down payment is EUR 350. For each assembled Neo900, it is EUR 480.

Please note that the down payment is a partial payment towards the final payment. (See below.)


If you have given us a loan, you can deduct this loan from the amount of the down payment. To this end, a voucher code has been included in this mail.

You can use the voucher code in the shop when placing the pre-order. The field where you enter the voucher code is labeled "VOUCHERS" and you find it when you "checkout" and reach the shopping cart page. The value of the voucher will then be deducted from the price of your pre-order.

If the value of the voucher exceeds your pre-order, a voucher for the remaining amount will be automatically generated and mailed to you.

If the voucher you have received in this mail does not match your loan, please contact us at

Note: if you made the original loan ("donation") to Golden Delicious (GDC) and your loan was then transferred to Neo900 UG (or refunded to you and you then sent it to us), GDC deducted 13% for their own expenses before the reorganization, but your voucher is over the original amount and has the date of your original order with GDC. Example: if you donated EUR 100, then GDC transferred approximately EUR 86, and your voucher will be over EUR 100.

E-mail addresses

If you have made loans from more than one e-mail address, a voucher will have been sent to each, for the amount loaned from the respective address. You can use all these vouchers in your order, no matter which address you use to register at the shop.

If you no longer have access to an e-mail account you used to make a loan and therefore have not received a voucher, please contact us at

Not using a voucher

If you should choose not to use a voucher at the moment, it will remain valid, e.g., for the final payment.


If you wish to make a down payment that exceeds the minimum, you can do so by ordering the "Down Payment top up" that is shown in the "ACCESSORIES" sections of the NeoN and Neo900 product pages, then set the quantity to the desired number of Euros.

We welcome down payments above the minimum. They may enable us to obtain better conditions for some purchases and to further lower sourcing risks.

Loan interest

As promised, the loans you made will still continue to accrue interest over their full amount, also if you use your voucher. Please note that new payments (down payment, top-up, etc.) will not produce interest.

Future payments

Please note that this is not the final payment: there will be one more before we initiate production. Please see our cost calculation for the estimated total:

You will be able to deduct down payment, loan interest, and any unclaimed vouchers from the final price. Modem choices will slightly affect the final cost but not the down payment.

"My vouchers" in the shop

The shop shows a "My vouchers" link at some places. This function shows vouchers that have been tied to your account, but not the "open" voucher you have received for your loan.

In case of problems ...

... or questions, etc., please contact us at or on IRC (freenode), channel #neo900 (