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Schematics Wrapping Up Towards V2

Oct 15, 2016, hellekin


This week the ee repository received the most commits, as Werner and Joerg are wrapping up the design for the upcoming proto_v2 layout. If you want to see the result, you can always check the latest version of the schematics PDF. In the same directory ( you can find older versions. If you're feeling brave, you can access all the files directly from the Git repository, following the instructions in the README.

Updated N900 Image

parazyd released fresh ARM builds of Devuan and the associated test image for the N900. This is the first step in upcoming support for Neo900 by the Devuan project. We've spotted conversations on #maemo-ssu between parazyd and freemangordon, who takes care of the Maemo CSSU repositories. Cooperation in free software, as we like it!

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The Neo900 project aims to provide a successor of N900 Nokia Internet Tablet™ device, with faster CPU, more RAM and LTE modem, basing efforts on an already existing, mature and stable free platform - the OpenPhoenux GTA04, following the spirit of freedom known from Openmoko devices.